Statement of Purpose for the MEME GENERATORS

We take art and science and create MEMEs! Woefully childish--I mean childless, we propagate ourselves by consolidating what we know into drawings and paintings, and yes words. We have begun THE MEME STUDIO as an experiment in our marriage. Because we forgot to have children, we are remembering ourselves in MEMEs.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dinosaurs Without Bones is Happening in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Our morning in Tuscaloosa began with listening to an interview with Tony Martin on Alabama Public Radio. Paleontologist Barbie was thrilled to hear all the questions Tony was asked about his book, Dinosaurs Without Bones.

On the UA campus with a colleague Tony Martin is escorted to the Department of Geological Sciences to have important pale ontological discussions.

Discovery of a teaching rock garden! Isn't travel fun?

Yes to a big block of calcite! And all the other slabs of rock here! How wonderful to have the opportunity to learn about our precious Earth!

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